Oil Transfer Unit

We are the prominent suppliers in providing the Oil & Diesel Unloading Pump Manufacturers in Chennai, thus by getting a very hard effort our team of professional manufacturers and engineers have done their best performance in offering quality materials with excellent durability, corrosion resistance of nature impeccable. We are offering these pumps to the customer with wide specifications in catering and fulfilling all those requirements to satisfy the workforce of the products and in maintaining them. The available version of the manufactured products is high in loading capacity in order to transfer the fluids with high viscosity. The internal oil pump has been designed with a valid solution to meet the needs of pumping lube oil & diesel in the automotive fields. This may give high tensile strength with trouble-free performance in maintaining the process of machines with good strength and can minimize the cost of maintenance with profound reliability.

Oil and Diesel Unloading Pumps
Oil and Diesel Unloading Pumps

Oil and Diesel Unloading Pumps


  • High Durability
  • Superb working
  • High accuracy
  • Very long service life
  • Smooth touch and frictionless


  • High efficiency
  • Opulent working
  • Flawless material used
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